How to Pick Right Jewellery for an Occation

Jewellery is the best way to create a unique style statement and enhance your closet. It lets you to dress appropriately for the occasion. All kinds of jewelleries don’t suit every occasion. Just the way you carefully choose the right dress for an occasion, it’s important to select the right jewellery to suit your outfit and the occasion to complete your look. Here are few occasions that you would most certainly get to attend once in a while and the best choice of jewellery you can make.

Formal Party

If you attending a formal function like a wedding, you will have to be well made up and look classy. In such cases, antique jewellery is the best option. They match well with western as well as ethnic wear. If you want to blend two lines of fashion, opt to contract ethnic jewellery with western wear.

Evening Party

Sparkling jewels are the best option for a casual evening party. A layered chain, gold or silver metal jewels that are designed intricately, or a necklace with single-tone gemstones would be ideal for evening parties. The main point here is to emphasize on just one accessory. Opt for discreet earrings if you choose a heavy necklace.

Remember not to go overboard – a single charm bracelet, hair band or chain at a time is the maximum. If not, you might end up appearing tacky. Choose jewels that can become a topic of conversation, though at the same time it shouldn’t present you to be very wild.

Formal Meeting

If you are attending a formal meeting, using jewellery is not a demand. However, wearing a simple one like a string a pearls, stud earrings or solitaire is not harmful.  This is just about all that’s needed to complete your formal look.

Casual Outing

For just a casual outing with friends, your jewellery should just accent your outfit. Keep some of the basics in mind while choosing jewels. Linear plain jewels pair well with busy printed clothes, while chunky jewels go best with plain outfits. Prefer using just a single accessory. For instance, if you wear bracelets, stay away from finger rings. Wear a simple neck chain and pair of chandelier earrings. The key here is to balance the whole look.  You can also try to experiment on such occasions – since this would be a casual outing with friends, you get a chance to correct your fashion blunders or it would be great if you just get to stumble up on a new great style while mixing and matching.

Still thinking what to wear for any occasion that we missed out discussing here? Share with us where you would be going in the comments section below and get suggestions from fashion gurus about the right jewellery to pair.

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